6 Tips When Buying Electronics from Amazon.com and other US stores

Amazon.com is a go-to store to many tech guys as it sells a wide range of electronic products. In fact, even international customers including those in Ireland, turns to Amazon to shop electronic items.

In case you missed it, yes, Amazon.com delivers directly to Ireland and to more than 70 other countries. Through Amazon Global Program, Irish can buy directly at Amazon.com and expect a door-to-door delivery service from the online retail giant. If you are into electronics, did you know that Amazon sells over 500,000 electronic products that are eligible to international shipping? That includes accessories such as MicroSd cards, batteries, headsets, phone and tablet accessories, cables, chargers and a lot more. Amazon also lists a lot of cameras, car electronics, laptops, game consoles, home audio, and office electronics that can be shipped directly to Ireland. In addition, almost 200,000 power tools and accessories can be ordered from Ireland.

But before making your electronics purchase at Amazon.com, take note of the following tips and reminders.


Shipping cost to Ireland

The cost of shipping electronic items from Amazon USA to Ireland is $6.99 plus $2.99 per pound for Expedited Shipping which takes about 8-19 days. If you want your purchase in your hands the soonest possible time, it will cost you $25.99 plus $4.99 per pound for Priority Shipping (2-3 days).


Importation cost to Ireland

If you are buying online, expect to pay additional 22% sales tax of the total value of your purchase including shipping fee. If the value of the electronics exceeds €150, import duties will likewise be levied.


Review the Manufacturer’s Warranty

If you are buying a high priced electronics, warranty should always be considered. Take note however that some manufacturer’s voids the warranty once their products are shipped outside USA. In this case, take time reading the product description page and prefer the items that offer international warranty.


Go for Unlocked

You might want to buy smart phones from USA. Just make sure you are placing an order for an unlocked phone and not a contract-bound or carrier-locked phone.


Check Voltage Specification

Ireland’s electric supply is at 230 volts as compared to that of USA which is between 110 to 120 volts. So be careful when buying electronic products. Make sure to check the manual or label before plugging you items or else, you electric shock may happen. For most electronic gadgets, charger nowadays are at 110-240 volts, so you won’t have any problem with that. For other electronic items, a voltage converter should be used the item is not powered by 230 volts.


A plug adapter might be needed.

It is not only the voltage that may differ when it comes to electronics purchased from USA but also the plug. Ireland uses Type G socket while US use Type A and B. Therefore, an adapter is needed. For comparison, see the table.

Type G - Ireland Ireland Socket Ireland Plug
Type A- US USA Socket USA Plug
Type B - US USA Socket USA Plug

*socket and plug images from worldstandards.eu.

*post image thumnail from Amazon.com.

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