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In a previous post, you learned that through Amazon Global Program, is able to directly ship items from USA to Ireland and more than 70 other countries. However, not all products listed at Amazon US are eligible to international delivery.

In that case, you still have an option. You can still buy anything from and have your purchases sent to Ireland. This is done through Freight Forwarders like What forwarders do is that they act as your shipping agent in USA and take charge of sending your purchases to your address in Ireland. In other words, you shop, they receive on your behalf, and they forward your purchases to you in Ireland.

We take as an example to illustrate the process. Here’s how it works:


Sign up and Get your USA Address

The first thing you should do is to register an account with a freight forwarder. Most forwarders charges a minimal membership fee to register an account. Shipito however offers free membership. Once you completed the registration, you will be assigned a USA Virtual Mailing Address which you will use when shopping at US online stores.


Shop at US Stores using your virtual address

As soon as you receive your virtual mailing address, you can start shopping at any US online store and use your US virtual address as your shipping address for the online store of your choice. Just a quick note, make sure that you also enter your correct billing address (which is different from the virtual address) whenever prompted when paying your orders.


Shipito will receive your package

Since you used your US virtual mailing address, your orders will be sent to that address and will be received by Upon receipt, you will be notified through email. Another advantage with Shipito is that they take pictures of the package label and the whole package itself so you can identify it as your order.


Fill out Customs Declaration Forms

As your package will be sent overseas, customs declaration has to be made as to the value and contents of the package.


Calculate the Postage

After accomplishing the required forms, you will now be shown several postage options which represents the cost of sending the package from the forwarder to your address. Shipito partnered with USPS, FedEX, DHL, and TNT Express to handle your packages. And since forwarders are regular customers of these logistics company, the discount given to the former is passed on to its customers. Thus, you get the discounted postage. Also, most postage rates come with free insurance. On top of the postage, $2 is collected by Shipito as service charge.

If you want to calculate postage, Shipito has a useful calculator in this page.


Pay the fees and wait for your package.

You just need to pay the calculated postage and service charge and Shipito will send the package to your Ireland address.

Other Features of Shipito

As compared to other forwarders, Shipito offers free photos of incoming packages and storage of up to 180 days. Shipito also passes to its customers 80% savings on regular courier shipping rates. It likewise offers several shipping options as it works with major couriers in the world. Another advantage is that you can use your virtual address to forward packages to as many addresses you wish.

Shipito also offers Virtual Mailbox for $4.17 a month for more frequent users. The premium service comes with free consolidation of packages.

What shops can you shop from?

Now that you have a US shipping address, you can now shop at most popular online stores in US such as,, and other online stores of the most popular brands in the United States.

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