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Average shipping rate is at 13.19 € with a transit time of 1-2 days.
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For Change of Mind Returns, the same is allowed within 14 days from delivery. For manufacturer warranty, returns will be allowed if made within six (6) months from delivery. Note that other products have specific returns policies.
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Orange Ireland Review
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Orange has been leading in telecommunications operation with high sales of about 39 billion euros in 2014, and many have been employed to serve under the company which serves in 29 countries. As of June 2015, the Orange Group realised 248 million customers worldwide including Ireland. The company has also provided global IT services to multinational corporations under Orange Business Services brand. The company has also launched a strategic plan ‘Essentials 2020’ with the customer centred in the strategy for them to benefit from universe digitalization. The company also supplies latest high-tech products to your doorstep, and a customer has the chance to choose new ranges of products and services which are suited for a modern traveller. The company has offices in countries where it has established its services, and customers are happy with the site which encompasses all the services and products that the firm provides.



The store has new products that are of high quality which is the best choice for everyone. However, there are no discounts for most of the products if not all though they all have an excellent customer rating, again, thanks to the high-quality products and services that the company chooses for the client. There is no price matching and in fact, some products are quite expensive when compared to other locations which make customers opt for other places. There is no much guarantee for savings due to the prices but if you are a customer who values good products, better warranty and long life durability, visit the Orange store, and you’ll find out more.



Orange delivers products to your place in all the countries that it’s present, and the order charges vary with the weight of your package. There is no free shipping, but most of the customers are happy with the delivery process. The main reason is that Orange takes its customers seriously. The delivery page has information on the different weights and the charges. The estimated arrival times are taken directly from couriers, and the company is not responsible for any variation. If goods are returned due to an inappropriate address, they can be taken back so it’s advisable that one should double check before submitting.



Orange accepts a payment method that suits the customer, and the valid payment modes include credit card and PayPal.



If you need to return a product, it is possible, and all you have to do is follow the due process. Otherwise, the process will not go through. There are exclusions to the returns process, and they include:

  • Unqualified products by Expansys Quality Service department or the technical centre.
  • Misuse of the product.
  • Tampered product.
  • Settings accessible to the user without damaging the product such as sound settings.
  • Wrong repair, modification or maintenance.
  • Damage due to oxidisation, corrosion or poor connection.
  • Damages due to external power supply.

Something important to note; if the customer sends back a product that has one of the above exclusions, a quote is issued for repair and if the client refuses, then there will be a settlement of administrative costs.

There is a whole page regarding the procedure to follow if you need to return something and the related costs depending on the nature of the returned product.



Orange handles their customers every time, and there are no much issues on the hassle of getting a team member to answer any of the questions meant for the business enterprise.

The hotline is available from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm CET, or you can go for the email anytime and get an answer within 48 hours.

Call on +44 1628 563122 or email at info-eu@store.orange.com if you have any questions.


Orange is one place where you get the IT solutions that you need in a home or a business and has high-end devices with amazing capabilities. A major area that they need to work on is the pricing policies that they have since most of their products are quite expensive though there are mixed reactions about the pricing bit. It is otherwise one of the leading sites to order digital devices and services.

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