4 Reminders When Buying and Shipping Amazon DVDs and Blu-ray to Ireland

Other than being the world’s biggest bookstore, Amazon.com is also one of the top retailers of entertainment and digital products. These includes movies in DVD and Blu-ray format, digital downloads, video games and TV shows.

With Amazon Global Program, the retail giant can take orders from Ireland and other countries and directly ship the purchases to their customers’ home addresses.

If you are looking into purchasing some Amazon DVDs and Blu-ray discs, be sure to take note of the following reminders:


Take Advantage of the Huge Collection

Amazon.com sells over 100,000 DVD and Blu-ray discs that are eligible for shipping to Ireland and other international destinations. So, make sure to browse the store’s collection to find the movies of your interest. The collection includes all genre, the new releases and the older ones. Amazon makes title-searching easier by providing filter in the sidebar where you can refine your search by genre, by release, by actor, by the director and other filters.


Pre-order the Latest Releases

Amazon US is also one of the first to sell the latest DVD releases. In fact, you can pre-order DVDs that are yet to be released. For example, you can now pre-order Deadpool, Gods of Egypt, 13 Hours, London Has Fallen, Risen, The Choice, Kung Fu Panda 3 and other recently shown movies. You can see the list of titles you can pre-order under the “Coming Soon” filter.


Low to Free Shipping

Amazon also offers low international shipping of DVDs. The shipping rate starts at $3.99 per shipment plus $2.49 per item. So, if you order in bulk, you would save more for shipping. Good news, however, is that Amazon offers free international shipping to some of its DVDs and Blu-ray discs. A filter “Free International Shipping” is provided in the sidebar.


Take Note of the DVD Region Code and your DVD Player

Fnally, most Amazon DVDs sold at Amazon.com are in Region 1 format. Ireland, however, belongs to Region 2 DVD format. For Blu-ray discs, US is region A/1 while Europe is Region B/2. So before buying any DVD or Blu-ray disc, make sure to check its format and whether your media player is a multi-region player.

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