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Amazon Ireland – 5 Amazon.com Shopping Tips for Irish

Despite the growing online shopping market in the country, Amazon Ireland or an amazon.ie does not yet exist. As the world’s largest e-commerce company, it is indeed unfortunate that Amazon has not yet established a local presence in Ireland to give Irish more options when shopping online.

While Amazon Ireland is not yet a reality, Irish can still shop at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk for a minimal shipping fees. Here are the some guidelines when buying at Amazon.com.


Amazon.com ships to Ireland through Amazon Global Program

Amazon.com is not only serving the US market but also caters international customers through the Amazon Global Program. With this, Amazon is able to take orders from over 75 countries, process these orders and deliver the items to homes of their international customers. The good news is that Ireland is one of the countries that is eligible in the Amazon Global Program and there are over 10 Million products that can be shipped internationally.


Selecting Products that can be shipped to Ireland

Whenever adding an item to your Amazon shopping cart, make sure that this item can be shipped to Ireland. Here are some tips to determine whether your desired item is international shipping eligible.

a. Adding your address in Ireland in your Amazon Account

 If you haven’t yet registered an account with Amazon.com then, you should create one. After logging into your account click on Add New Address under the Settings section. Then continue browsing the store for your desired product.

b. Filter search results

Filter the search results by ticking the Ship to Ireland box under International Shipping Eligible. Once you find your desired product you will see in the description page that the item is eligible for shipping to Ireland with an estimated time within which it would arrive to your doorstep and the estimated shipping fee and import fee deposit as shown below.

Amazon Ireland

screenshot from Amazon.com

In case the product you want is not eligible for international delivery but you badly want that product, then use a freight forwarder.


 Choosing your Shipping Method

Amazon.com offers three (3) shipping methods: AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping (13-30 days), Expedited Shipping (8-14 days) and Priority Shipping (2-4 days). The availability of a particular method depends upon the item to be sent to Ireland. Shipping charges starts at $2.99 to as high as $29.99 depending on the preferred method and the item to be shipped and its weight. For more details on the shipping method, click here.


Import Fee Deposit

As you are buying from an overseas online store, you are in effect importing an article to Ireland. Thus, import fees may be collected for the item you purchased. Amazon Global Program is designed as a door-to-door service for its international customers. Thus, it also handles the task of having your items cleared for customs duties and taxes. What Amazon.com does is to include in the upon Check Out, a charge called Import Fee Deposit, which Amazon.com use to pay whatever taxes or duties that may be levied to your item as soon as it reaches Ireland. Take note however that this is only a deposit based on regular estimates. If what was charged is more than what was due then the remainder will be refunded to your credit card. More details on import fees here.


Currency Conversion

Since Amazon.com is a US-based store, all prices in the website are indicated in US Dollar. However, Amazon makes currency conversion painless as international customers are given the option to choose whether to pay in USD or in local currency. Note that once you choose your payment method, you will be asked of the currency of your credit card. Then, you will be asked if you want to pay in that currency or USD. If you choose the former, all prices will automatically be converted into your local currency so you would know how much you will pay for in Euro.


While Amazon Ireland or Amazon.ie is ideal, Irish still can take advantage of the vast selection that the giant online store offers through Amazon.com and its Amazon Global Program. It is true that there are some disadvantages such as the added importation cost and shipping fee, in the end, you might get better deals than those offered by local Ireland online store. To be sure, always check the price of the item with the shipping and import fees associated to it.

Have you tried shopping at Amazon.com? What about sharing your experience in the comment section below.


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